Are you in the process of optimizing the existing 3G/4G Network or Planning 5G Network?

Planning of 5G

You are a planner at a major telecom company, tasked with preparing for a new 5G network What's the fastest way to find unobstructed lines of sight for new transmitters?


Starting at the end of 2018, telecommunication companies in the major big countries will start to roll out 5G coverage. Some 4G architecture can be used, but many older transmitters will need to be replaced to keep up with the major technological jump to 5G speeds.

Following geo-solutions business model

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In today’s time, all big players across industries are moving towards the cloud environment, which is helping our planet through higher efficiencies by reducing e-waste.  This is also helping enterprises in enhancing customer satisfaction. Technology adaptation and innovation have helped us to improve the quality of work-life of people and build a new model of geo-solutions business by revenue sharing and renting schemes. Also, decentralized architectures combined with smart contracting are key to efficiently open up the marked of micro geo-transactions.

Highlight the risk in real estate with Digital Elevation Model Data | cloudeo

Digital Elevation Model Data

The location of new real estate comes with inherent uncertainties: what environmental hazards could affect this site? Before you build, consider the often-overlooked factor of elevation.


Logistics of new real estate

In real estate development, before you select a site for a new building, many aspects must be considered prior to the construction phase.

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In January 2016, trees mysteriously disappeared in a public greenbelt in urban Seattle, unbeknownst to the city.

Seattle is known as the Emerald City due to its high coverage of trees even in the urban areas.

Despite being a place where trees are protected, illegal tree cuts can still happen. Unauthorized removals, however, remain very hard to detect, since they usually occur on a small scale.

NEXTMap | Digital Elevation Model

NEXTMap | Digital Elevation Model |cloudeo


NEXTMap One is the world’s largest contiguous, high-resolution
commercial elevation dataset. With a 1 meter horizontal and up to the 1-meter vertical resolution, and data built on 2016 or newer imagery, it provides the best foundation for link planning and other use cases in telecommunication.


cloudeo in partnership with Intermap Technologies is now offering NEXTMap One™ - a brand new global high-resolution Digital Elevation dataset