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The farms of Southern Italy experience a particularly long Mediterranean growing season. The chief harvested crops of the fertile but seismically active Campania region are fruits, wine, tobacco, and flowers.


The agriculture industry is a pillar of the Campania economy. Here, the average farm is only 4 hectares in size but nevertheless highly productive. For larger farms, it can be challenging to measure how much and where more water is needed for optimal plant growth, even if they appear green in satellite imagery. Regardless of farm size, however, achieving optimal plant health is vital to a bountiful harvest.

Landsat 8


VegetationVitality uses scientifically validated and industry-accepted methods to deliver insightful information on the health of vegetation.



Analysis performed on the image reveals much more than a picture. Using light waves, NDVI, or normalized difference vegetation index, measures chlorophyll levels in leaves. When chlorophyll levels are at their maximum, plants are growing healthy and strong.

NDVI Image


The darker green areas have the highest NDVI, indicating the healthiest plants. Tan and red areas either contain weaker plants, bare soil, or human settlements.


In this case, clouds in the water and snow on the mountain tops also appear red.


Powered by Harris Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) and HySpeed Computing, VegetationVitality also provides detailed analytical reports on the area of interest (AOI). The included report shows that in the Campania region, over 7000 sq. km is vegetated, but only 1000 sq. km are plants with high vitality at this time. On a farm, the light green areas could probably use more water, whereas the tan areas could be ready for planting.


napa NDVI Report generated for NDVI of Campania Region,


The scale is adjustable to any AOI. Including the aforementioned NDVI index, there are a total of 6 different vegetation indices available to choose from – each offering advantages and insights to the health and condition of plants based on vegetation type and environmental conditions.


The Non-Linear Index (NLI), for example, is another Vegetation Vitality index available which provides amplified discrimination between healthy crops and other land-use types. Fields are clearly delineated in green, while infrastructure and bare fields are in red. In the following exemplary, a zoomed-in snapshot of the coastline with NLI shows us that not only is the area not very densely vegetated but well populated.

NDVI Summary Report generated for NLI of Campania Region


Your Vegetation Vitality data package comes delivered with images and shapefiles ready for immediate use or further analysis, as well as an easy to read PDF report which breaks down the results into helpful summaries, complete with graphs and legends. Orders start from 10€.

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Vegetation Vitality Benefits

  • Low cost and fast delivery
  • Current and past images
  • Subscribe on a time basis
  • Tailored results to your needs
  • No processing image yourself
  • No expensive software licenses


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