think geo - think cloudeo..!

cloudeo brings together all those who create, interpret and use geodata. 
We team up with world-leading content and software providers contributing to an innovative geo-infrastructure that combines data, software, analytics and apps on a highly scalable IT.


leading in partnership

cloudeo is dedicated to delivering the greatest value proposition to creators and users of geodata by empowering them with state of the art technologies and services. We support our partners by accelerating their current sales strategy and by assisting analytics providers with their go-to-market strategies.

Who needs a platform for geodata?


the cloudeo ecosystem

IoT engine


  • IoT geo-engine
    an overarching interface that allows billions of devices to request, obtain, and use geodata
  • cloudeo marketplace
    access to all relevant satellite imagery, 3rd party apps, software, datasets and data-archives
  • smart contracts
    self-executing agreements among network participants represented by cloudeo crypto-tokens
  • CEVEN tokens
    preferred method of payment for all geodata and geoservices related transactions. CEVEN tokens are fully suitable for micropayments, and they will be traded on crypto currency exchanges

ceven blockchain
network foundation